Why I'm Running

When I first ran for City Council in 2021, Beverly was going through some significant changes. Two longtime city leaders – Paul Guanci and Tim Flaherty – were both moving on from their roles as city councilors after years of working to improve our City. I knew that I had the experience and ability to step up and continue their work implementing the commonsense policies that have brought Beverly to where it is today.

It wasn’t long after we both graduated from Gordon College that my wife and I decided that we wanted to stay in Beverly. I had gotten to know Beverly well from my time in nearby Ipswich and we had both spent plenty of time in Beverly as students at Gordon. As we began to plan our future – buying a home, raising a family – the choice to stay in Beverly was an easy one for us. With the city’s incredible natural beauty, cultural amenities, quality schools, and vibrant community, Beverly is a city unmatched by anywhere else in the state.

In my first two years on the City Council, I’ve worked to preserve the things that make Beverly so desirable while finding ways to ensure that our City is ready to face the future uncertainties ahead as we continue to push past the residual impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. I’ve done so by listening to the folks who contribute so much to Beverly through their hard work in the community as a whole and in their neighborhoods. As a city councilor, I’ve pushed policies that will allow folks who choose to move into Beverly, like my wife and I, to thrive here while still preserving the aspects of our community that those who have lived here for years hold dear.

I’m running for re-election as an At-Large City Councilor because I know how important it is for Beverly to have dedicated, results-oriented elected officials who understand government, know how to get things done, and who will advocate for the long-term needs of the city’s residents. My experience, passion for efficient local government, and love for our city have made me an effective Councilor so far and I am eager to continue working on your behalf to ensure that Beverly’s city government meets the needs of each and every one of us during these challenging times.